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i like to hit the floor sometimes. [entries|friends|calendar]

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goin' ta illadelph [18 Sep 2004|11:11am]
[ mood | excited ]

so for michael's b-day emily sent him a plane ticket to philly. i had known about it before, she called me up to ask if it would be a good present. it was so funny, michael was talking to me as he opened the care package she sent. he was like, 'she gave me this sick anime wall scroll." i was like, "aight, i'm out." (not tryin to spoil his surprise) and then he's like, "whoa." hehe. em said i have to come aslo, i asked my parents and theyre gonna git me a ticket too =)! i'm so fxckin stoked. i've never been to the east coast before. we're gonna leave on oct 4th and come back the 18th. we'll prolly stay at em's place but hit up ny too. which is sick as fuck cuz i getta see jon and genna too =). i gotta buy my ticket either today or tomorrow tho, cuz prices will only continue to go ^. k, gonna go burn a mix cd and bounce up outta here. - peace bij

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Fricka Fricka Fresh [12 Sep 2004|05:48am]
[ mood | creative ]

haven't posted in a while, just been staying up every night with cody making beats. we were straight robotrippin and makin such sick shit last night. i'm totally addicted to making music right now. i'm so happy about it too, creativity owns my soul. ahem, ok, so someone else owns this soul, and i'm grateful He showed me this path right now. i can't even explain how extactic i've been every morning. i have like a new zest for life er sum ish. i dunno. i really feel like i've found something i can try and do for the rest of my life. it started when i decided to download reason 2.5 (music software) and it took me God knows how long and then all this installation red tape and shit to get thru(and of course my own dumb ass problems to boot) but me and michael finally got it working. cody has just been showing me how to use it and its seriously the most fun i've had in soooo long. even video games have lost there appeal (i know, how is that possible?)
what else is ^? well i just came back from the city, jeff was having some kids over. yeah right, more like all of MV (415 represent, bitches.)showed up. it was tight, i saw some fools i ain't seen in hecka long. found my wallet (thanks again big guy). talked to these freshman (don't trip, college game) girls who were pretty chill. it was hella funny, they all started givin me shit for not introducin myself when i was tryin to get thru. i was talkin to this girl Alexa for a while =]. good stuff. i should prolly git sum sleep tho, its like 6 in the mornin and shxt, my sleep pattern is totally ruined. thanks a lot fellas. oh yeah, the folks been outta town for a couple days now so i've had the place to myself (and anyone else who might be asleep in my house right now). that reminds me, i need to clean. bad. haha. lemme hang this ol' john deere hat on the lamp and call it a night. or morning. or shut up. stay up, i'm out. - k

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leaving on a jet plane [03 Sep 2004|09:52am]
so jon and genna are gone. i hope they have mad fun in ny. hope i'll be able to go out there at some point and bother em n shxt. seriously tho, they've both been such good friends to me this summer. jon is probably the most generous person i know. wouldn't hesitate for a second to split whatever he has in half with me. and genna would just kick it for the sake of hanging out. she'd go out of her way to come get me and she never made me feel less of myself, unlike some other fake ass fools. you guys will be missed sorely, take care of your selves out there =). i'm going to church on sunday...i'm kinda nervous since i've been in a church maybe like 3 times in my entire life. i'm going by myself. i just want some answers and see if it can help me get my life back in order. i've always thought the idea of religion was a good thing in nature. i've just been so hesitant because of the ways i've seen it exploited. the truth of the matter is that i've experienced too much to not believe in God. i've had faith all along. i know that for certain. now its just time to test myself and direct it. ciao bella.
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